Usage - Microservices Mode

If you created NodeBootstrap project in microservices mode, you can control its lifecycle entirely using make commands.

Run/Stop container:

# run:
> make start
# stop:
> make stop
# clean rebuild:
> make clean

Inspecting health of the containers:

> make ps

Monitoring Logs:

> make logs

Running Automated Tests

  1. Make sure the microservice is up (if not: run make clean or make start)

  2. Run: make test

Coverage reports are stored under coverage sub-folder.

Installing a new package

Installing a package:

npm run install-package <packagename>

Install a package in dev-dependencies:

npm run install-dev-package <packagename>

Database Migrations (Currently: MySQL)

# Create migration:
> npm run migration-create <migration-name>
# e.g.:
> npm run migration-create create-users-table
# Run migrations:
> make migrate

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